Pisces Rising


This energetic duo will be playing at Blake Street on First Friday! And, I couldn’t be more excited. I had a chance to listen to a few of their songs yesterday- and they are awesome! Come and catch them on Friday April 5th- while you still can. I have a feeling this band is going to blow up big- and you’ll be happy you caught them when they were first starting out.


Pisces Rising, a Gypsy Folk Duo based out of Raleigh, NC is comprised of two established singer/songwriters and poets Arielle Bryant and Austin Moss. Their sound is a remarkable blend of strong, rhythmic acoustic folk noise coupled with harmonies that will haunt your head space for days.

Pisces Rising has recently released their first collection of songs on their self titled EP, available for download on Bandcamp.com. You can get it for free or, if it pleases you, you may join the ranks of many other outstanding citizens who have chosen to “name their own price” in a communal efforts to help support this budding local sound.

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