Victoria Powers

Blake Street Shops and Studios are permanently closing on January 1, 2015!

Dear Friends of the Blake Street Shops and Studios,

It is with regret that we must announce that we will need to close our doors for good the first of this year. Unfortunately, the owner of City Market has decided to lease the property to a solo tenant, so those of us who remain must vacate January 1st. This means of course, that we can no longer accept applications for guest artists and musicians. We would like to thank those of you who have shared their fabulous art works and music with us in the past and for being part of our Blake Street Family.

We will all be relocating, so check our individual websites for updates on where we will be. And please come visit us in our new venues!! In the meantime, we invite you to come help us celebrate our FINAL FIRST FRIDAY this coming Friday Dec. 5, 2014. The gallery walk event goes from 6-10 pm. We look forward to getting a chance to say goodbye to you in person. Hope to see you there!

Best Wishes for a joyful and blessed holiday season,

Victoria Powers Studio Ten, on behalf of the remaining tenants, Jenn Hales, Lea Alston, Dion Hickman and Gerlethia Mason.





Garrett Scales – December Guest Artist

fc37e8_63d5da268ccee3a2dfed69933d3e2d07.jpg_srz_p_598_589_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz  fc37e8_582b9a1c4c9a4319d7b9bef8b38636ab.jpg_srz_p_409_589_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzSince 2003, I have created my entire body of work from hand cut stencils and spray paint. Recently I have begun to explore the use of texture and acrylic paint to add an element of spontaneity to my work. This added element also allows me to contrast the idea of predictability that is afforded by the stencils. Drawing from nature and my fondness of the human form, I now shape my work to follow the lines and character of the human face to give something more to the overall work. With this challenge to my work I find it exciting contemplating the infinite possibilities I can imagine in depicting my subject.fc37e8_bccf7409d4b941dfb21c4bfcb5178c41.jpg_srz_p_828_589_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

I AM SAVED! – Kimberley Pierce Cartwright

KimberlyCartwright“I AM SAVED!” features work by Kimberley Pierce Cartwright, a local artist who experiments with a wide variety of media, including fiber, wood, ceramics and paint. For this exhibit, Cartwright used discarded wood to create impressionable works of art. Cartwright is inspired by a needful purpose to consume less of everything and to make use of the bounty of materials that can be repurposed in art making and everyday life. She explains, “As a reuse artist, I feel that every speck of material is precious.” All of the artwork in “I AM SAVED!” is made from reclaimed materials. Cartwright elaborates on the artwork’s message, stating that “the expressions are simple and the message is clear that discarded materials can live another life as objects of unusual beauty and uniqueness.”


“I AM SAVED!” will runs from December 5th through December 27th. The gallery is open to view from 11am to 6pm Tuesday through Friday. Admission is free.

Dodde Stark – Gifts from the Road Well Traveled

photo(2) photo photo(1)

I find myself these days meandering down roads well traveled. On these journeys, I walk with awareness, on the lookout for the extraordinary in the usual. So what thrills me? Light through leaves, a flash of color, mysterious portals leading to places unknown, faces in the trees, mushrooms peeking their heads up, bees dancing, a web in the sunlight, texture in sand, raindrops on feathers. To me the world is full of magic and fairies at play.
I wish I could capture the joy my other senses feel:
The whiff of flower perfume, the earthy smell after rain, the briny air of the beach.
The hypnotic rhythm of ocean waves rolling back and forth, the cacophony of summer, autumnal crows calling, winter’s silence.
The taste of fog and honeysuckle.
The rich smoothness of magnolia petals, grass on bare feet, sand between toes.
Alas, this camera has not been invented… yet. Meanwhile, I hope my photos evoke a sense of place and invite your senses to go into the photo and look around. What do you see? Smell? Hear? Taste? Feel? Who is living in the picture or nearby? Is the magic there? Are the fairies at play?


Franco – December guest Artist

eotp-03An artist is someone who creates art. An activist is one who engages in intentional behaviors to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change. Through his illustration, graphic art, and painting, Franco synthesizes art and activism to form a genre all his own—visual activism. Franco’s visual activism embodies his strong urge to create and sustain justice and opens up the space for truth to prevail. By doing so, the characters and images he creates grab more than your attention; they spark consciousness.

Shero-LoRes01At once easy to digest and thought-provoking, Franco’s work makes statements about the laudable triumphs and continued struggles of those who have fought and who continue to fight for social equalities. Franco’s bold and engaging aesthetic can be most recently seen in his pop art examining culture through the lens of popular Latino and Asian food products. Additionally, music is always a strong influence, whether hip-hop, funk or rare groove.

Shero-LoRes02   eotp-02Franco received his Bachelor of Arts in Art at North Carolina Central University with a concentration in Visual Communications and a Certificate in Multimedia at The School of Communication Arts. Franco lives and creates in Durham, North Carolina. 
While some may claim that life imitates art, Franco is dedicated to art changing life.

Chris Musto – December guest artist

handeye1072As a kid, I filled my head with so many cartoons, comic books, and video games that this is now how my subconscious naturally speaks to me. All my dreams, thoughts and feelings manifest in my head as fantasy creatures.

thespectaclespectacle1072In my early 20′s, I trained at the Joe Kubert school in northern NJ for illustration and comics. But soon after became interested in gallery art, specifically surrealism.  I feel like Cartooning is the perfect medium to communicate my ideas since that’s how my mind works anyway.   burden72 Chris_Musto

Jeehyun Hoke – Baa Baa Blue Sheep 2015 Calendar series

We are so excited to display the subtle and whimsical watercolors of Jeehyun Hoke. Her show opens December 5th and will be up until December 27th.

finals01 My name is Jeehyun Hoke, an author and illustrator for Children’s Books. With my whimsical and playful art, I have been working with self-published authors, publishers, and companies. I illustrated My Lemonade Stand Can’t Stand Me, published by Peak City Publishing, LLC., and self-published Boy & Little Violet Flower. My most recent project was concept and character design for an electronic game company, Want. I am also often involved with local art scenes, like Sparkcon, Woman Craft Gallery, and Cafe Driade.

I am originally from Korea and came to America in 2006 to achieve both love and dream. I studied Visual Communication with a focus on Illustration at the University of Kansas. After moving to North Carolina in 2010, I have owned many titles: a member of illustrator groups like SCBWI and Sangrim, a freelance illustrator who is seeking commissioned project, an author creating stories, and most importantly a mom of two kids and a wife.
Artist Statement

2015 is coming, and the Chinese Zodiac for 2015 is sheep, specifically blue sheep. Inspired by Chinese Zodiac and the nursery rhyme Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, I created a Baa, Baa, Blue Sheep calendar series. With a hope of a little fun and happiness for people around me, I painted blue sheep who find fun and peace from each month’s events and seasons.

Cute, comfortable, whimsical, fun are usual adjectives that go through my works. I believe these words for feelings are part of happiness. Working on images and stories that are kids-friendly, it becomes important to bring the content feeling of happiness not only to kids but also to adults. finals12(1)

Isolated Observer – Marty Matthews

3-haloEvocative, intelligent and introspective, the mixed media assemblages of Marty Matthews invites interpretation. Where one might see a deconstructionist commentary on common philosophical themes, another will inevitably see on iconographically charged yet open-ended works of art. Marty asks the viewer to examine their own ascribed interpretation of each piece and hopefully discover a small truth about them selves.

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